Geraldton is an Indian Ocean port which was established in 1850 after the explorer Gregory had reported mineral deposits to the north, now a port exporting bulk grain. Geraldton is the gateway to Abrolhos Islands. Geraraldton is 420 km north of Perth. Geraldton has beaches, including one right in the city centre known as Town Beach. Most of the local beaches are safe for swimming and on weekends Mahomets Beach has surf patrols. The climate here is mostly sunny but the winds do get blustery, making the beaches great for surfing and windsurfing.

Geraldton Markets

Geraldton Greenough Farmers Market

The Geraldton Greenough Farmers Market opens at 8:00 Saturday morning and closes at 12:00 noon. Fresh fruit and vegetables and other items like meats and fish, value-added products created by locals are also for sale. At the Geraldton Greenough Farmers Market shoppers can buy honey, cakes, olive oil and many other products from the tent-covered stalls that fill the reserve.

Fisherman’s Harbor
Located on the westend’s northern shore is the Live Lobster Factory, that is available to be toured in cray fishing season, which is from November to June (08 9921 7084).

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
Along with traveling exhibitions there is a good range of contemporary and traditional permanent artworks here. 24 Chapman Road (08 9921 6811).

HMAS Sydney Memorial
This relatively new memorial, opened in 2001, as a tribute to the victims of the sinking of this vessel off the coast in 1941. 645 lives were lost. The memorial is on a small hilltop overlooking the city.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands
These remote group of coral islands are largely uninhabited for most of the year. Fishing off these islands is a popular past time.

Marine Terrace
The heart of the city lies along Marine Terrace, an area which is half way to being a pedestrian precinct. The Courthouse lies at the northern end of this street, an imposing building.

Point Moore Lighthouse
The West End is where you will find the Point Moore Lighthouse. It is 34 metres tall and its light is visible at a range of 26 kilometres. It was constructed in 1878 and is the only lighthouse in Western Australia to be made completely of steel.

Old Geraldton Gaol Craft Centre
This gaol built in 1858 but shut up shop as a prison in 1986. Now it is used for craftworks and sales. Chapman Road (08 9921 1614).

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral
In the centre of the city is the very impressive St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral was the work of the priest and architect Monsignor John Hawes.

Western Australian Museum of Geraldton
This is a maritime museum. A highlight is shipwreck hall which tells the story of some tragic shipwrecks and has plenty of memorabilia from under the sea. 1 Museum Place (08 9921 5080).

HMAS Sydney ll Memorial – This memorial which is situated at Geraldton W.A. honours the 645 Australia sailors who died off the coast in battle in 1941. The HMA Sydney was only found in 2008. Daily tours of the memorial are run by the Geraldton Voluntary Tour Guides Association. Meeting at the carpark in Gummer Avenue the walking tours take about 30 minutes. Paula Duggan

Yamaji Art – This Indigenous Art Gallery in Geraldton is a great way to see and purchase authentic Aboriginal art. This is an ideal situation as the money from the sale goes directly to the artist and the commission money is used to buy more art supplies. The gallery is completely owned and run buy the Aboriginal community. Normally open on Thursdays and Fridays. Paula Duggan

Leaning Trees – For something on the unusual side visit Greenough and see the Red River gums that actually lean over years the strong southerly winds have meant the trees have a decided lean. Great photo opportunity. A purpose built parking area on the Brand Hwy at Greenough is a good vantage point to see these now famous icons. Paula Duggan