Katherine is about 300 km south east of Darwin and the third largest city in the Northern Territory. Katherine is on the southern bank of the Katherine River and sits at the major North/South junction of the Northern Territory. Katherine is known for it’s stunning natural parks, gorges and reserves, that draw nature lovers by the hundreds annually.


Cutta Cutta Caves
Pretty stalactites and stalagmites can be found in these warm, tropical caves 30km south of Katherine. There are tours daily from April to November.

Edith Falls
Another amazing scenic park 62km north of Katherine. There are over 130km of walks and trails, and if you want to take in a different view you can take a cruise or hire a canoe.

Low Level Nature Reserve
This is the local swimming and fishing hole. It is a grassed area and great for picnics and shade in the heat.

Katherine Gorge
Located in the Nitmiluk National Park, where the Katherine river flows, are these spectacular gorges, waterfalls and sheer rock faces. Katherine Canyon is very impressive and other highlights are the Aboriginal rock art found throughout the park.

Katherine Hot Springs
These small clear pools are heated naturally and get up to 32 degrees Celsius. Riverbank Drive.

Katherine Museum
This museum displays Katherine’s early history and shows the havoc caused by the major floods that have occurred here over years. Giles Street (8972 3945).

Manyallaluk Aboriginal Community
If you would like to spend a day in an Aboriginal community this is the one to go to. Located a 90 minute drive from Katherine, you can take a bush walk and collect some bush tucker, learn how to light a fire without matches, play the didgeridoo and much more. You are also invited to a very traditional BBQ lunch. (08 8975 4727).
Cutta Cutta Caves Tour – 27 km south of Katherine is the Cutta Cutta Caves National Park which covers 1499 ha and the Cutta Cutta caves are the main attraction. These limestone caves have amazing stalagmites and stalactites and are home to several species of bat included the Horseshoe Bat and the Ghost Bat. 170 different species of birds can be found here as well as the harmless brown tree snake. There are guided tours all year round although there may be closures due to flooding during the wet season. Admission fees do apply and there are no eftpos facilities so cash is essential. Paula Duggan