King Canyon

King’s Canyon is about 4 hours south of Alice Springs. A magnificent chasm 270 metres high. On the floor of the chasm are palm trees living off the constant water. A contrast of arid and lush make it very visual. Over 600 plant species have been recorded in Kings Canyon.

The canyon has been carved out of the sandstone plateau that is dotted with weathered sandstone domes. At the head of Kings Canyon are the pools of the Garden of Eden a lush oasis of ferns and prehistoric cycads.

Made famous in the movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” where the transvestites stood on a stony plateau overlooking the plains.

King Canyon

There are numerous hiking trails and the main one being the all day Kings Canyon Walk. The Garden of Eden leads to a pool. The Giles Track is a longer two day track. The easy walk is along the canyon floor and takes about one hour.

Much of the land has now been handed back to the Luritja people the traditional owners.