Maitland is located 32 km to the North West of New Castle on the Hunter River. During 1820`s European Colonists have put convicts to work as cedar – cutters. It became a flourishing town by the 1840`s.

Attractions in the town

National trust conservation area is located on the High Street and National trust properties are located on the Church Street. Georgian style Grossman house is now a folk museum and Brough house. Housing city`s art collection are mirror images of the architecture. Vintage festival is conducted in the month of February and Garden Ramble is conducted during September.

Attractions in the Area

5 km to the North East there is National Trust Classified Morpeth. Historical buildings with superb iron lace inclusive of St. James Church are present in the area. 3 km to the north of Maitland (a scenic drive) you will be able to find former pumping station which is now an excellent recreational area. 14 km to the north a historic Georgian style homestead is present.


Maitland Fair Markets

Maitland Fair Markets is the Australia’s biggest regional market with over 600 variety stalls. Enjoy sites displaying old fashioned home made, home grown goods, musicians, gourmet foods and fine quality art. Held the first Sunday of each month from February onwards.

Maitland Fair Markets

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