Mount Gambier

This busy commercial centre is the midpoint between Melbourne and Adelaide. Mount Gambier is a thriving city located just over the Victorian border into South Australia, and is built upon the slopes of a 5,000 year old volcano. The city is known for it’s crater lakes, the largest being the mysteriously coloured Blue Lake. Mount Gambier is 450 Km south east of Adelaide.

Mount Gambier Community Market

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Mount Gambier Markets

Mount Gambier Community Market

Mount Gambier Community Market is popular market which is open every Saturday. The market on Kennedy Avenue, has inside and outside stalls. Fresh produce from around the local area is for sale there. Other things to look for include second-hand goods, handmade crafts, prepared foods like cakes and other baked items, plants, collectables and clothing.


Blue Lake

This lake is such a popular tourist destination that often Mount Gambier’s name gets changed to Blue Lake City by the tourists that have visited here. For most of the year the lake is a dull grey but for some undefined reason it changes to a vivid blue from November to March. It is also known as the bottomless lake due to it’s depth being 80metres.


Cave Garden

Right in the middle of the city is an underground cave that is surrounded by rose gardens and lawned area.


Engelbrecht Cave

The Engelbrecht cave is under the city and can be entered, there are tours every hour of this eerie underground cavern. Jubilee Highway West (08 8725 5493).


Lady Nelson Visitor and Discovery Centre

This centre with it’s large ship replica outside, gives an insight to the history and unusual geological landmarks in the region. You can pick up maps and information on tourist activities in and around Mount Gambier. Jubilee Highway East (08 8724 9750).


Mount Shank

This crater is a twenty minute drive from the city. It is a steep climb but the views from the top are worth it the walk.


Umpherston Sinkhole

Located three kilometres East of Mount Gambier is this large hole in the ground. There is a staircase descending to the sinkhole and the surrounds are gardens, picnic areas and BBQ’s. Jubilee Highway East


Valley Lake

Is in the same vicinity as the blue lake but doesn’t have the striking color change. However, it has lovely walks, gardens, picnic and play areas. There is also a free Wildlife park here and boardwalks that offer good viewing platforms to catch sight on the many bird species in the lake area.