Bondi Beach Night Market

A day at the beach can be followed by an evening at a market when visiting Bondi Beach and the Bondi Beach Community Night Market in Sydney.

The market has many stalls that sell crafts that are made by the stallholders. Other stalls sell new clothing, fashion accessories and plants. Sometimes the stalls have someone selling items on just that one occasion, while several stalls have a permanent seller who is there every time the market is on.

The market’s opening hours can change during the year. When the weather is warmer during summer months the Bondi Beach Community Night Market will close at around 10:00 at night. Other times the market closes at 8:00 in the evening. All throughout the year the opening time for the market is 1:00 in the afternoon.

The Bondi Beach Community Night Market is located on Campbell Parade, at the Roscoe Street Mall. It is an outside market. It is a very short walk from there to the sandy Bondi Beach. There are bus stops in the area.

When driving to the Bondi Beach Community Night Market, travel into the area along Blair Street or use Bondi Road which will become Campbell Parade. It is a very busy area and parking spots are limited. There are many restaurants to choose from around the Bondi Beach area. Various festivals and events are held around Bondi Beach.

Location: Roscoe Street Mall, Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, New South Wales

When: 1pm - 8pm or sometimes later