Northside Produce Market

Every third Saturday each month the place to get fresh food in Sydney is the Northside Produce Market.

Run by the North Sydney Community Centre, the Northside Produce Market has an abundance of food available, including foods that are grown organically.

Meat available at the market includes pork, beef, chicken and lamb. Seafood that has been just caught in the Pacific Ocean and also prepared fish that is ready to eat are for sale. A large amount of fruits and vegetables can be found at the Northside Produce Market and if you are looking for carrots or lettuce or any specific produce item it will probably be there.

Something that the Northside Produce Market has that keeps shoppers coming back is a large amount of delicious prepared foods like cakes, pies, breads and cheeses. There are giant apple pies that could feed a large family as well as specialty cheeses like goat’s cheese.

The market opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 12:00 noon.

The Northside Produce Market is located Civic Centre Park, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney. Take the STA bus to the market or enjoy a walk from the North Sydney Train Station to the market. When driving to the event from other areas of Sydney, take the Pacific Highway or Warringah Freeway.

Location: Civic Centre Park, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney

When: Every 3rd Saturday of the month 8am - 12noon