Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, the largest state in Australia , and one of the few cities in Australia with beaches just minutes from the city centre. Although a small metropolis, the streets are lined with parks and trees providing shade and beauty throughout the city where it perches alongside the tranquil Swan River.

The Sunset Coast in Perth is a long stretch of unspoilt coastline where you can swim, relax or try a water sport with the beautiful ocean as your backdrop. Take a tour to the north or south and watch in admiration as the sun sinks gently into the seemingly golden Indian Ocean at the end of the day.

Perth provides its inhabitants and visitors with a wide range of activities and accommodation with everything from budget hostels and caravan parks by the seaside to luxury hotels with all of the amenities of the city centre.

For those who wish to pursue a Perth shopping expedition, all of the usual city retail outlets are present, together with some fabulous markets. Make sure you check out the local Aboriginal art work and the Hay St Mall.

Just south of Perth is Fremantle which offers the best in alfresco eating, drinking and entertainment. The area has some of the best seafood restaurants in Australia, usually offering the catch of the day fresh from the harbour.

Perth Markets

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