The Zero 2 Five Market

Brisbane’s Zero 2 Five Markets offer excellent, original and gentle products for kids by well-known designers and high quality brands at unbelievable rates. Here, you’ll find everything from cots to prams, books to toys and clothes to shoes, along with nursery equipment and safety instruments such as stair gates. This is an out-and-out kid’s shopping market, where you can have quality products for your kids every weekend.

The Zero 2 Five Markets also offer a wide selection of other things such as clothes and products for expectant mums and preschoolers. In addition, this market has hand-crafted items. The most recent hip and chic products for babies are also available here.

The Zero 2 Five Markets also have kids’ collections ranging from music to swimming classes. The market has an entry fee of $3 for adults and kids can enter freely.

Location: Close Carindale shopping arcade, Clem Jones Centre, Southern District Basketball Court, Zahel Road, Carina, Brisbane

When: Sunday 9am to 12pm